Well, summer is here.  The heat and rain for the last few weeks has made my backyard LQQK like a jungle.   The Day Lilies are so full that I will have to thin them out in the fall.   The problem is, where do I put the extra Day Lilies?   :D  Some of my seedlings survived the rabbits (and I think a possum) and are starting to take a solid root and growing.  All of my Poppy and Sunflower seedlings are gone.  Yep, must have been pretty tasty for the critters around here.   I even had to put a small fence around the new Morning Glories.  They didn't touch the ones that came up last year.  Go figure.  Well, I try not to get too upset.  This is natural and all creatures are beautiful, and now a little more chunky and healthy in my  yard.
Here are my Day Lilies.   Too bad Hummingbirds are not partial to them.

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