Well, summer is here.  The heat and rain for the last few weeks has made my backyard LQQK like a jungle.   The Day Lilies are so full that I will have to thin them out in the fall.   The problem is, where do I put the extra Day Lilies?   :D  Some of my seedlings survived the rabbits (and I think a possum) and are starting to take a solid root and growing.  All of my Poppy and Sunflower seedlings are gone.  Yep, must have been pretty tasty for the critters around here.   I even had to put a small fence around the new Morning Glories.  They didn't touch the ones that came up last year.  Go figure.  Well, I try not to get too upset.  This is natural and all creatures are beautiful, and now a little more chunky and healthy in my  yard.
Here are my Day Lilies.   Too bad Hummingbirds are not partial to them.


Thank goodness the weather is starting to feel like spring.  Now summer will be approaching and more flowers and veggies will be popping up!

I transplanted this Clematis last year and didn't know how well it was going to do.  Well, it's doing just fine! 

Here is the other Clematis on the other side of the yard.

Then a surprise.   I was looking at this Clematis above and found a Bleeding Heart.    I thought I had lost this plant years ago.  Well, apparently the hostas were protecting it and it came up this year after being dormant for years. 


Well, apparently we are not getting any spring.  Going right into summer.  It is so hot here and humid I had to turn the a/c on.  I cannot open the windows and breathe the fresh air.  Nope.   Oh, well.  I planted all my seedlings.  They were doing so good.   Even the rabbits thought so, because they ate all of my sunflower seedlings that I babied until I planted them in the ground.   They even nibbled at my eggplants, so a small fence is around my eggplants and peppers.  Rabbits don't like tomatoes.  My Sweet Basil is in a pot, but hopefully high enough so they can't reach it. 

Now, if I could only sit outside and watch my flowers grow...   maybe when it cools off and I can breathe some fresh air.   :D